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Program guide

On behalf of the Budapest Puppet Theatre Company, I would like to welcome you. We are experiencing a time together that we might never have imagined.

Viruses, war, the consequences of all this on our lives. Culture, theatre, has perhaps never been more important than in this situation. We believe that with our performances and programmes we can take our audiences away from their everyday problems, from reality, for a few hours. We tell stories, we play, we make people think, we sensitise, we amaze, we make people laugh. Our belief is that our genre, the puppet, is a theatre form for all ages, in short, that you can't outgrow it.

Our company is not a theatre company in the traditional sense, but we are all characterised by the abstract thinking that defines our genre. Our colleagues are characterised by an openness to puppet theatre, experimentation, a departure from reality and the creative madness required to do so. We like to step out of our comfort zone and explore our genre, and ourselves, from a new perspective. This is symbolised by a series of photographs of our artists taken this year by photographer Zsolt Hamarits. Composed from an overhead view, the images focused on fantasy and playfulness, and sometimes even defied gravity.

To view the programme please click on the image or the link below: