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Our venues

Budapest Puppet Theatre dates back more than 70 years, and generations have grown up with its performances. We have had great eras, emblematic performances, and have been able to respond to the changes and cultural influences that have surrounded us. We are the only established theatre in Budapest that specialized in the genre of puppetry.

Main stage

Capacity: 398 people

A large theatre space with a traditional layout and a rising auditorium, with special folding and unfolding chairs to ensure that all ages can see the performances properly. This stage is mainly used for large-scale, multi-actor, richly scenic performances. This space also features the country's widest paravan system, which is unique in the country. The auditorium is air-conditioned and disabled access from the foyer is provided by a wheelchair lift.


Ország Lili Studio

Capacity: 99 people

A mobile studio theatre space, which allows for multi-directional use of the auditorium. We mainly stage experimental, intimate performances on this stage. Most of our youth and adult shows are performed in this space. For children's performances, we provide booster seats for our youngest audience members to ensure appropriate viewing conditions for all ages. The theatre is located on the 4th floor of the building and is accessed via stairs. Disabled and elderly spectators can be assisted with lift if required. The studio auditorium is air-conditioned.


Kemény Henrik Stage

Capacity: 40 people

This chamber-style space, with a variable layout, is the venue for our infant theatre performances. Our smallest, indoor theatre-like auditorium provides an intimate, home-like environment for our youngest audience members to make their first encounter with puppet theatre a calming, positive experience.         

During infant theatre performances, audience members sit on mats and cushions, while adults can be seated on the movable staircase auditorium if required. The permanent AniMate groups work in this space throughout the season. Our play space is located outside the main building at 31 Vörösmarty Street. The auditorium is air-conditioned and has toilets.

Please note that the auditorium always opens 15 minutes before the performance.