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Our Policy

Dear guests!


For the 2022/2023 season,  Budapest Puppet Theatre has issued a new policy, which we have created in order to provide you with an undisturben, healthy and safe puppet theatre experience.


We believe that good puppet theatre entertains and educates at the same time, and does so with the highest standards. In addition to the literary and artistic value of the material, our repertoire also takes into account pedagogical and children's psychological aspects. For each of our productions, we carefully choose the age group for which we recommend the production, but we know that a great children's productions can also appeal to parents and teachers. We therefore ask you to take our age recommendation into account when purchasing tickets to ensure that you and your fellow audience members have a good theatrical experience and that under-age audiences are developing psychologically as they are supposed to.


Please note that our staff in the auditorium can check that underage visitors are of the appropriate age if they feel it is reasonable to do so. In such cases, the minor concerned or the accompanying adult must provide proof of age. If they are unable to do so, or if the age limit has not been reached, our staff will be entitled to escort the minor concerned and, where applicable, the adult accompanying them.


In order to protect our underage audience and in line with our Child Protection Policy, we have decided that only minors over the age of 14 may attend our events and stay in our premises without an adult accompanying them. In view of these above, we ask that accompanying adults not to leave their children alone for even short periods of time in the theatre building or at any event, even if the adult wishes to leave the minor alone for only a short period of time for parking or other reasons. 


Thank you for your kind cooperation, and we hope to welcome you as often as possible to our performances and programmes!