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Introduction, artistic credo

Budapest Puppet Theatre dates back more than 70 years, and generations have grown up with its performances. We have had great eras, emblematic performances, and have been able to respond to the changes and cultural influences that have surrounded us. We are the only established theatre in Budapest that specialized in the genre of puppetry.

We are talking about a theatre with a company where the members believe uncompromisingly in the validity and wonder of this genre. Our puppeteers are committed to learn the techniques of puppetry, to bring to life the dead material and to express their thoughts and feelings to the audience. Our workshops are a constant experimentation in perfecting and rethinking traditional puppet structures for our new productions. We are all united by a common language, the ability to abstraction, or as we call it: puppet-minded thinking.

It's coming naturally for us to put our live theatre tools at the service of puppetry, to think on multiple levels. We see the puppet not only as a form but as a way of expressing something where reality is no longer enough. Often eclipsing our own individuality, we work in pairs behind or under a puppet figure to bring it to life from our collective energies and to make it believe that the dead material is alive. We see it as our task to preserve the technical diversity of our genre and cultivate its heritage in the field of artistic puppetry.

We honour our children audience by taking them seriously. We provide a quality theatrical experience from infants to adults with the help of the highest quality creative artists. Our theatre education programs offer our audience a participatory and creative role because we believe theatre is a space for dialogue. Our aim is to make puppetry a means of self-expression for our audiences through our participatory activities. We do shows in the afternoon, in the evening and at 10am, always with the same playfulness and quality. We feel it is our mission to promote our genre among adult theatre-goers because puppet theatre cannot be limited to children. We believe in our ability to create performances that can cope with the 21st century's visual stimuli, not only through technical means but also through the specificity of our abstract way of thinking.


Our main artistic aims and tasks:

  • To have our name continue to stand for a quality theatre experience for all ages.

  • To shape the tastes and demands of our existing and expanding audience for quality children's and adult entertainment, specifically in the puppet genre.

  • To guarantee continuity in the theatre's repertoire of new productions for each age group. To retain our audience after early childhood so that they continue to be interested in our genre as they grow up.

  • To have our theatre education programme works as an integral part of the theatre, interacting with our artistic work and involving our artists.

  • The dissemination of Hungarian classical and contemporary children's literature and folktales through puppet theatre adaptations.

  • To present works of classical and contemporary literature for children and young people that fit our genre, using the puppet language.

  • To present socially sensitive, opinion-forming and questioning performances to develop our own and our audience's tolerance and openness to the world.

  • To awaken the company's spirit of experimentation. To provide time and space for creativity and the opportunity for free expression in the puppet genre.

  • To provide space for emerging artists. To provide training for puppeteers, puppet directors, writers, dramaturgs, puppet designers, composers, theatre teachers, both graduates and recent graduates, to use their energy and youthful thinking.

  • To invite pioneering, progressive performances by puppet theatres from all over the country and independent artists from Hungary to our theatre. To create the opportunity to bring the latest, most innovative productions from puppeteers to audiences in Budapest. 

  • To cultivate our existing international relationships and build new professional networks. To invite foreign artists to Budapest Puppet Theatre to give new impulses to our company - and thus to our audience.

  • To take more effective social responsibility. To restructure theatre operations based on child protection guidelines to create a truly safe environment for children and adults.

  • Budapest Puppet Theatre is committed to environmental awareness.