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About us

Without the presence of the spectator, without communion with the spectator, there is no theatre - a statement that is particularly true in the case of puppet theatre. For if the spectator does not believe that dead material can come to life on stage, if their imagination does not create worlds with us - there is no puppet theatre. To be together, to play together, to create together - that is why the programmes of AniMate were created.

We hope many of you will join us behind the scenes and behind the paravan this year as well!

The team of AniMate:

Végvári Viktória, main theatre teacher        

Hoffer Károly director, designer

Hirmann Blanka, dramainstruktor  

Csörgei Andrea Krisztina, child literature, library and drama teacher


Email: mozgato@budapestbabszinhaz.hu

Info & apply for AniMate sessions: mozgato.jelentkezes@budapestbabszinhaz.hu


In our tuning and processing sessions for our performances, spectators and creators talk, play and shape each other. Together they prepare for or reflect on the puppet theatre experience.


The sessions are designed for school communities and adult audiences, and are age-appropriate. Tuning sessions take place in the hour before the performance, while the processing sessions are held in the hour and a half after the performances, with the participation of our artists.


Permanent creative groups

Theatre pedagogy program repertoire

Which AniMate program fits me the best?

I’m 6-18 years old

I’m here with a group

I’m in primary school

The Starry-eyed Shepherd, Rower of the Moon, Birdies, The Last Lamb

I’m in middle school

Gangsta Granny, Hello, Heracles!

I am a young adult/in high school

Nothing, The Tempest, Code Szerb Antal, Frankenstein, Anima, Decameron 2023

I’m brave on my own


AniMate permanent creative groups,

Night in the Puppet Theatre

I’m an adult

I’d rather ask questions

open rehearsals,

professional day and conference

I’d rather play 


The Tempest, Frankenstein, Anima, Decameron 2023

I’d rather create

thematic workshops


Downloadable materials for education