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Adult and Youth shows

Nick Dear: Frankenstein

Nick Dear


Mary Shelley's 19th century horror novel is a story of the wonder and responsibility of creation, a Shakespearean tragedy of the eternal interdependence of creator and created being.

Children's shows

Please note the age recommendations, we are not able to admit spectators under the recommended age.

Ulrich Hub: The last lamb Ulrich Hub: The last lamb

Ulrich Hub

The last lamb

Green fields, idyllic meadows and some of the finest bounty a flock could crave in the East. The sleep of the sheep team is watched over by three earnest shepherds in their cavernous coats. But one night, a new star appears over Bethlehem and the lambs wake to find their shepherds gone. Have the UFOs kidnapped their shepherds, or was the goat telling the truth and they have indeed rushed to the famous newborn baby who, when he grows up, is supposed to save the world?

Theatre pedagogy program