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Adult and Youth shows

Otfried Preußler

Krabat in the Black Mill

The beginning of our story is simple, simple, just as young Krabat's past was simple. It was, until a Black Mill appeared before him in a dream, with black crows inside, and a one-eyed Master of Black Magic.

Krabat follows his dream, enters the mill, shakes hands with the Master, but this simple handshake seals his fate, he can never leave the Black Mill again. Simplicity is replaced by mysterious, inexplicable events. Slowly, it becomes clear that the Mill is a Black School, and that the students are being given special abilities in return for their work.


Children's shows

Please note the age recommendations, we are not able to admit spectators under the recommended age.

Dot to dot.

Imagine a dot! Is it a small dot or a big dot? Is it neither? Imagine a dot exactly the size of a dot. It will be our protagonist.

This dot is set in motion. As it moves, new dots, lines, triangles, rectangles, in short, new shapes appear in space. The Dot comes into contact with them. Are these encounters friendly or frightening? And above all, where do they lead? To the birth of new forms, or, on the contrary, back to the beginning? Can a dot be a dot, what happens to it between two, three, many other forms?

Theatre pedagogy program

Amikor kitör a nyári szünet, olyan nagy a csend a színházban…

…de nem idén!

2024 nyarán először bábos napközis alkotótábor a Budapest Bábszínházban!