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Nick Dear: Frankenstein

Nick Dear


Mary Shelley's 19th century horror novel is a story of the wonder and responsibility of creation, a Shakespearean tragedy of the eternal interdependence of creator and created being.

Children's shows

Please note the age recommendations, we are not able to admit spectators under the recommended age.

Kiss Judit Ágnes: Babaróka Kiss Judit Ágnes: Babaróka

Kiss Judit Ágnes

Baby Fox

The Baby Fox books by Judit Kiss Ágnes Kiss have been a huge hit with preschool children and their parents in recent years. The stories are about the extraordinary everyday life of a family of foxes, endowed with human qualities. Their protagonist, Baby Fox, is three years old at the beginning of the story and is about to start kindergarten (or, as the Foxes say, puppy care).

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